Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Changes on the "Commissioner's Office" webpage regarding F visa

Significant change in the section "Visa categories and the requirements of supporting documents" - for F Visa (this must have been only up-dated in the last days):
2. F visa for business and visit (updated from April,2008)
To apply for single or double entry business and visit visa
(1) "Visa Notification Form" issued by the relevant department
of Chinese government or the government-authorized company;
(2)A copy of Chinese hotel booking;
(3)A copy of return flight ticket booking;

To apply for multiple-entry business visa, "Visa Notification Form" issued by authorized Foreign Affairs Office or Bureau of Commerce(original),together with Hong Kong Permanent ID card (original and photocopy) and other possible supporting documentation( Registration Certificate of your company in China, etc) are needed. Multiple-entry visa is issued at the discretion of the consular officers.
Added is the part "To apply for multiple-entry business visa"
This means:
Having the "visa notification letter" + "PERMANENT HK ID" but maybe no "other possible supporting documentation" (above named "Registration Certificate of your company in China") - the multiple F visa application can / will be denied. So we all need to become "tourists" now and contribute to the HK travel agency industry.
This kind of requirements was even not necessary 20 years ago - Cheers !
But then the link on same webpage "Additional information" should be up-dated also - right ? http://www.fmcoprc.gov.hk/eng/zgqz/qtxx/default.htm


Anonymous said...

Hello - found this web-site for whatever meeting with some info for the people to go there - it is said the VISA NOTIFICATION LETTER takes 3 - 4 weeks ???????????

Anonymous said...

So the multiple F visa is not existing anymore then or what ?

Anonymous said...

Me is from Italy - live in HK and work for a big company doing jeans...Last week I went away from this office without getting any visa - the lady did not understand us and was not very friendly. Today I reading that almost 400,000chinese students are abroad - i think most is in Europe and US - why not send them all home.....?

Anonymous said...

Hey Visa Man - you should apply there at this Commissioners office as a secretary - then maybe all this misleading information will stop.

Anonymous said...

I am working in a company owned by foreigners here in HK - we are doing gifts + premuims. I feel ashamed about all this visa things. My bosses normally need togo very often to several place in China - now they feel very upset about this. I cannot see any announcement from our HK goverment - why ?

John said...

Looks like you've got something confused here. Multiple entry F-class visas aren't being issued right now.

You can get an F-class visa if you get a letter from the foreign affairs office in the city where you will be traveling (applied for by your company's branch in that city or your Chinese partner in that city); a round-trip plane/train ticket and a Chinese hotel reservation.

If you apply well in advance of your trip you should get your visa.


The Visa Man said...

Yes John thats what I am saying - Multiple F visa is for the time being only technically possible - see the requirements in your comment. Because most of the applicants will have problems to get the Visa Notification Letter by said authorities and then the Visa will most probably limited to THAT place. For most of the "foreigners" in HK this is not workable, because we cannot plan our visits like a business traveller who comes 1 or 2 times a year to China. Many of us need to go for quality control etc very frequently to different parts of China - that would probably mean that we need for each province we need to go this Visa Notification Letter - so you see how much MISSION IMPOSSIBLE this is.

China visa said...

Hey Visa Man - you should apply there at this Commissioners office as a secretary - then maybe all this misleading information will stop.