Friday, April 25, 2008

"Visa clarification fails to satisfy"

......on today front page of SCMP. The given assurance that they would continue to issue 12-month re-entry visas to British business people ........if they supply an invitation letter by a relevant department of the central government, such as chamber of commerce in addition to return flight ticket + hotel voucher - this is all meaningless - it is stressful and not guaranteed to get this "visa notification letter" - and then probably the visa issued based on this "visa notification letter" will be limited to the province / city it was issued......Anybody applied already this letter and got a multiply entry visa issued ? Please comment.
Here the NY Times yesterday:


Anonymous said...

Hello China Visa Blog,

but then it is bizarre and absurd -regarding the post w travel agents: Easiest is then just to apply double entry L through this kind of agencies, as they will handle the rest.......but it is expensive - but probably the only way.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - but we all reading what some chambers doing here in Hong Kong - but what is the HKSAR government doing about this very unpleasant issue ? Are they doing something ?