Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In the news today + 1 more making the confusion perfect

Here some info from todays SCMP front page: I am sorry for the lady who is concerned not to get enough shopping in Lowu - but this does not really hit the point.

The comment of Mr. Howard Young (Tourism sector legislator) that the restrictions are "understandable" are not very "understandable". May I ask why are this restrictions "understandable" ?

The "editorial" in todays SCMP is here:

And then later found this on the CHARLESTON DAILY MAIL - but is an AP source:

Here a part out of this article:
But in Beijing, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu denied there had been any change in policy.
"China's visa policy is formulated according to China's laws and regulations and in line with international practices,'' Jiang said at a regularly scheduled news conference. "I have checked this information and China did not stop granting multiple entry visas to foreign visitors.''

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Greg Bicknell said...

I am leading a group of 16 business people to the Canton Fair in Guanzhou for the 5th time and on each occasion previously have obtained port visas for some of our people joing the group at the last moment at the Guangzhou East Railway Station or Baiyun Airport.

You can imagine my shock at having members of our delegation sent back to Hong Kong today and the hassle trying to arrange visas. Not only has it cost our group in cancelled train fares, accommodation and additional expenses, it has left a very poor perception of China in the minds of our visitors.

We were also told today that Express visas without exit airtickets would only be issued for a 2 day visa!!!

The Guangdong Immigration site still lists the availability of port visas, we checked when we heard of the recent changes to multi entry visas - what a #*$@*#% disgrace!!!

Are you aware if they honor APEC Business Travel Cards for arrival into Guangzhou or anyone I can check with?

The Visa Man said...

Hi Greg,
sorry to hear about this !
All this "on border site visas" are def not available any more.
I am afraid that the APEC business travel cards also will not be accepted anymore. It is the rumour that you need a visa issued by the "Cosulate of the PRC" or "Visa department of the PRC" of your HOME COUNTRY - please follow my blog - I will try to up-date with whatever news available. Voting is also appreciated. Thanks.