Friday, April 18, 2008

Foreigners are welcome to China...... "Latest news from "Commissioner's Office" issued 17.04.:
For F visa: What is an "additional visa notification letter" ?
Answer see in this post comments from a reader in Hangzhou. But how to apply this for example for Dongguan when your visa is expired and you are in Hong Kong and you cannot go to Dongguan to get this "visa notification letter" ?

Today front page SCMP: "New curbs on travel to the mainland" + on Page 3 "Europeans seek talks over visa restrictions"


FOARP said...

Student visas being cancelled even for those who will continue their studies in september:

Tini said...

Hi there,
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Anonymous said...

Here found an interesting report - please read yourself:
"businesspeople must obtain a letter from an approved Chinese government department that confirms they have bona fide commercial dealings inside China."
This sounds like in the late 70's when Deng started to deal w some foreign companies....probably the LAW is that old and now in the wake of the GAMES + with all the aftermath of a very BAD MEDIA - this is the kind of revenge ? Wonder who can get this kind of "letter" in what matter of time if they need to go China from HK several days a week is the full link:,26058,23553010-5014090,00.html

Very dissapointed about this - China is coming back to methods of COLD WAR ....?

Nrupesh said...

A VISA NOTIFICATION LETTER is usually issued by the PROVINCIAL FOREIGN AFFAIRS OFFICE. Usually for Work visa you need this letter, work permit and health certificate to get the Z Visa.

For F visa you will need to show the original invitation letter from chinese company along with the company's license copy to the PROVINCIAL FOREIGN AFFAIRS OFFICE and they can give you the Visa Notification Letter. Right now that seems to be the only way to get an F visa easily. I got my work visa last week and I got the notification letter from Hangzhou ( Since I am working in Zhejiang, Hangzhou is provincial capital and the Foreign Affairs office is there ).

As of today 33 countries have been added to the 'reject' list for applying China visa from Macau/HK.

The Visa Man said...

Thanks Nrupesh - good info.

Nrupesh said...

To answer your question about how to get the notification letter when you are in HK ... Well you contact any reliable chinese company you know ( Or email some chinese company saying you wanna visit them/their factory ) and then they will arrange this letter for you .... I guess thats the ONLY way chinese companies are gonna get their clients easily into china! ... if you are in DongGuan you should be able to get the Visa Notification letter from Guangzhou.