Sunday, April 6, 2008


Recent news saying China Visa regulations will change for at least until the Olympics (means in September) like following: Foreign passport holders will be only entitled to apply for 30 days visa with a maximum of 2 entries.

I am a Hong Kong permanent resident + living here since almost 10 years - besides this I was a Shanghai resident for 2 years. I am holding an EU passport - german Nationality.

My business is doing garment production and exporting to Europe. We are a medium small enterprise like as many others in Hong Kong.

Above news sounds very disturbing to me and probably another 100,000 or more foreign passport holders in Hong Kong alone, very soon will feel the pinch of this new regulation.

Now somebody maybe will say: Then why do not send your local staff to do the work over there at the mainland ?
Everybody who is here for some time already knows that we ("foreign travelers") have also to go to the factories:
50% for normal business visits - 50% for solving problems - small or big - normally big.

For example my visa expires in 15 days (this was a 6 month multiply entry visa) and already in April and May I need to go to the mainland at least 6 - 7 times.

Can somebody of the relevant + responsible organisations tell me how this shall work: Monday morning go to Guangdong - evening come back. Thursday go again = 2 x entry expired herewith.
But I need to go the next Monday morning again.......and so on and on.

To make a long story short:

a) I do not think this new regulation is very helpful for business people - I do not talk about visitors for the Olympics.

b) This new regulation will hurt a lot of business on both sides of the border - not at least our mainland partners - small to medium manufacturers + fabric suppliers.

c) Once this new regulation will really be fully implemented there will be a complete collaps coming for visa applications after 2 or 3 months only here in Hong Kong.

I want to ask the foreign representatives of EU + US Governments to interfere against this regulations. Besides this I have sent personal emails to most of the "Chambers of Commerce" of different countries here in HK.

I very much hope to get a good and strong response on this blog and that we can come back to normal visa regulations in very short time to follow our normal business as usual.


Cla said...

hi, is this confirmed news?
i know that starting from last year, China has not released anymore the 1 year and 6 months multi-entry visa, if not with the clause "each entry valid for 30days", to restrict people from staying very long in China... this did not affect me at all, but if what you have just posted is true, this is TERRIBLE news for all of us Hong Kong expat who so frequently travel to the factories...

could you please post some links to official news about this?
I hope this is just some corridor rumor and not official decision

anyway, i am totally supporting this.


Anonymous said...

I can't see how you will change the mind of the Party in Beijing on this. What's the plan Stan?

This affects people I know too but being a foreign passport holder with a HK ID card I got a 3 year (I think you could get 5 year as the maximum) multiple entry visa so I'm sweet until 2010 (hopefully).

Who are you going to appeal to? I don't mind appealing at all but I'm interested in which govt or authority you are going to target? It may be worth raising this in the HK and Chinese media and asking for support from the HK govt.

(Copied over from Spikes blog)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck.

I think perhaps your best hope is to hope many who are affected email the CE of HKSAR (address in your second post). While I wouldn't hold my breath hoping he'd be able to do something, perhaps he does have some influence.

On a related question, do you know if the 5 day visas for Shenzhen are still possible at LoWU?

The Visa Man said...

no more "on border site visas" see next post

Anonymous said...

It is confirmed that there will be no more visa issue at Lowu border and its cofirmed that for those holding foreign passport and reside in HK can only obtain max 2 entries per visa. This affected my business and my job as well. I'm the COO of our company with sizable factory operations in China and must stay in the Nanzha factory at least 3 days a week then back to HK for administration and marketing chores.

I appeal to Hong Kong SAR and China immigration policy maker to please re-consider your latest policy. I appeal that an exemption be given to those with permanent HK status and those with working visa in HK. Please don't punish the HK expat community who made so much contribution in the economic success of China.

An Indian Businessman said...

Dear Sir / Madam,
I read your concern. I agree with u that it will have very bad effects on business community not only from HK but also from other foreign lands. I am indian and have simialar problem while applying for F visa. We need to stay there for a longer period for completion of shipments. I hope the cheinese govt will definatey releas new guidelines to make it easy for business community to enter China and do business at an ease.