Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Your Vote - poll is on top again.......


Sun Gai Gweilo said...

You need to "take it up with your elected official".

You may wish to write to your legislator, or in particular Mr Howard Young who is the FC rep for Tourism. I would urge you to write in a considerate and professional manner free of emotion and blame, as many of the letters will probably be forwarded to others in support of a reversal.

The list of legislators can be found here:

Furthermore, you may also write to our CE, Mr. Donald TSANG ceo@ceo.gov.hk

I would also urge you to mention the ambiguous statements made in the Foreign Ministry Office website http://www.fmcoprc.gov.hk/eng/zgqz/bgfwxx/default.htm and also the recorded phone service.

You may wish to mention that it is damaging for businesses both sides of the border.

The Visa Man said...

Thanks Sun,
email to Mr Tsang already send last week - see below in blog.
Will check the legislator list also. Besides this found Mr Young's email already yesterday and send him a message already. The CEO office has answered see post about this in blog.