Saturday, April 26, 2008


What is really disturbing with the whole CHINA VISA ISSUE ?
It is the wrong signal in the wrong direction - and it makes people angry + dissapointed ("foreign passport holders" with permanent HK ID card for example) who have spent a lot of money in China the last years, who have placed many orders to China factories - and now we get a KICK IN THE........!

The permanent + penetrant repeating of Mrs Jiang Yu (Foreign Ministry spokeswoman) that "multiply entry visas are still available for "eligible applicants" - is only the half truth - she always forgets to mention that this "eligible applicants" need to visit some "Chamber of Commerce" or "Security Office" on the mainland (in the province this "eligible applicants" want to travel most often) to apply for the "visa notification letter" together with other certifications (your company letter + for safety also a letter of at least 1 of your chinese business partners - do not forget the RED CHOP) - this is such a buerocratric difficulty that many of the "eligible applicants" will not do this or will fail to obtain this paper. They will rather prefer to apply double-entry TOURIST L VISA for HKD 1,500 or more through local travel agencies.
By the way:
WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT OF THE HKSAR DOING ? It seems not too much.............

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Anonymous said...

The government of HKSAR does not care. After all, it's a foreigner (read:non) issue.