Sunday, April 20, 2008

List of 33 countries.......

.....need to apply China Visa in their home-country now, if they are not holding HK - ID card:
Afghanistan / Algeria / Bangladesh / Congo / Egypt / Gambia / Ghana / Guinea / India / Indonesia / Iran / Iraq / Kaiakhstan / Kirghiziani / Libya / Malaysia / Mali / Mauritania / Monaco / Nepal / Nigeria / Pakistan / Philippines / Saudi Arabia / Sierra Leone / South Africa / Sri Lanka / Sudan / Syrian / Tajikistan / Tunisia / Turkey / Uzbekistan
In regards of ID card - probably it is meant "permanent ID card".
Monaco is also on the list - or is it a typing error........



Anonymous said...


But it makes no sense right?

1. Foreigners with Hong Kong permanent resident status

(1) Foreigners with Hong Kong permanent resident status can apply for "L" or "F" multiple visa valid for one to three years by providing personal Hong Kong Permanent Identification Card, as well as a copy of the said ID card.

The Visa Man said...

Hi Anon,

there is 2 kind of HK ID card:
a) Foreigners with ID card, because they have a valid HK work permit - but they have not achieved the 7 years to get the permanent ID card.
b) Permanent ID is achieved after 7years in HK - must be applied at the Immigration Department showing some evidence (tax payments etc.) then this permanent HK ID will be granted (or not). Being a permanent HK resident also brings the advantage that no more work permit / visa is needed. Then your ID card will be changed into a "permanent ID card" with the wording on the back side: "The holder of this card has the right of abode in Hong Kong". It has the same meaning as the 3-star ID card for local born HK people. You will loose this right of abode only if you are absent from HK more then 3 years continously.

Means in case of this 33 countries it is not 100% clear if it is meant for HK ID card holders (without permanent ID card)/ or all HK ID card holders of this 33 countries - even if they are holding a perm ID card - but as you say this would make no sense then.

So I guess perm HK ID card holders no matter what nationality will apply to this regulation as on the FMCOPRC web site.

BUt the point is that all the filippina / indonesian etc maids have surely no perm ID card - for them and (their employers) it will be very troublesome to go to China now.

Anonymous said...

You do not need to be a permanent resident in order to get a "F" one year multiple visa. The difference for a permanent holder is that he qualifies for a 2-3 year multiple. In general regarding visa applications for HK-Residents it does not make a difference whether you are permanent or not. As long as you are a resident of Hongkong applications have to be filed and will be accepted in Hongkong.

The Visa Man said...

Hi Anon,
thanks for that info - then it is fine for all HK residents if it is like this, besides this 33 countries ........or ?
Are you working in the "Commissioners office" ?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is fine for all Hongkong Residents, permanent or not. Regarding the 33 countries in question this refers to Tourists who most probably have to undergo a background check by the Chinese Embassy/Consulat in their respective countries. Tourists from other countries i.e. USA, Germany, France a.s.o. are still able to get one time tourist entry visas to China.

Gab H. said...


I am french and I am lost with all those visa application updates, and very worrying right now.

I am now in China with a 3 months multi F visa who expires on April 28th 2008. I don't have any HK ID, just a french ID, my passeport and my visa.

I need to stay in China for 2 more months, until 2008 June 28th. After this I will go to Thailand.

Is it still possible for me to get any kind visa >= 30days ? If yes, how ?

Thank you for any answer, if you answer could you send a copy to gabriel.hautclocq AT ?

Thank you again,

Gabriel Hautclocq

The Visa Man said...

Hi Gab,

as you are in Beihai I doubt you can get a visa extension their with local authorities as you are holding on F visa and not Z visa.
The biggest chance is to go to HK and try to get at least a L visa for 1 or 2 entries maybe 30/60 days. But you need to provide "hotel-booking" + "return ticket".
But I am not 100% sure if this works, especially if you only have 1 visa in your paasport and if this was issued in France by the China Embassy.

Peter said...

I am both confused and worried about these visa rules. I am Danish and I am holding a L-visa which expires 2nd. may 08. I would like to stay in China until july - already bought the flyticket to HK to try to extend my visa, however, they say on the china embassy webpage that; If your not a HK resident you have to apply for visa in your home country!

But then there´s the article about the 33 countries where Denmark NOT is among. So can I ectend for 30days L-visa or not? I am currently living in China but haven´t bought a return ticket to Denmark as I don´t know when I shall go (Hopefully not before july) I hope for some coments for people who have just tried Visa extension in either HK or Macau., Thx.


The Visa Man said...

Hi Peter,

to apply L visa in HK:
- you need a copy of Hotel reservation of the place where you intend to go (as stated in your application)
- you need to provide a copy of your return ticket (probably a return ticket to HK also okay as long as they can see you are leaving China).

But there are many "buts" - you want to stay 30 days longer - what kind of hotel booking you have to show then ? For 30 days - I dont know. If you do not intend to book a Hotel you need somebody to confirm that you live at their place with full address + contact details.

Then it should not really be a problem to get a L visa for 30 days.

PLEASE HELP TO SPREAD THE BLOG - this "new regulations are destroying business on all sides !!

Anonymous said...

I am a travel agent in Hong Kong, 80% of my customers are foreigners. Now I have to explain why they can't get multiple china visa and they can only get single or double entry every single day. This is so annoying. My customers yell at me every time I told them multiple visa is cancelled. Some of them go to China 4 times a month, however, the urgent visa is gone, so they have to stay in Hong Kong for 2 days to get the double entry visa. And, they have their own apartment in Shanghai, Guangzhou and sometimes they buy the ticket at the station. Now, to apply for China visa, we must give them the hotel confirmation and ticket copy, so I have to make fake hotel confirmation and ticket 10 times a day. This is so annoying. I have customers who are from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India etc. I am ANNOYED!!!!

Thomas said...

To apply for the 30 day L-Visa from HK you now need to show a flightticket out of China as far as I understand. My question is - Do the departure date have to be before these 30 days expires or can it be lets say for example in July or so??? Because normally you can extend the L-visa 2*30 days in China afterwards, however, if you have to leave (show flightticket) every month then this opportunity disapear??

Hope to get an answer soon and that this Visa nonsence soon will stop..


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,

you need to show return flight - ticket + hotel-booking.
The return ticket date must be within the period of Visa validity.

Jack said...

Hi guys,
I am currently living in Mainland China - At the moment I don´t work here but I studying a CFA an I am enrolled for the exam here in Shanghai in june 08!

However, because CFA don´t have any univertities in China (It is primarely self-study - I can´t get a studyvisa. So I have to apply for the L-visa.

I am planning a trip to HK next week where my L-visa expires - but am very worried that they will not extend my visa after what I have read in here.

First, I don´t stay at hotels because I have rented my own apt. - Is the rental contract ok instead of hotel vouchers??
Regarding the return-ticket - shall it be to my Homecountry (Western Europe) or can it be to Tokyo or even HK?? - the problem is that they change the rules so often so if I pay a flight ticket to Tokyo then the rules will maybe change and suddenly it have to be to my homecountry...

It is really annoying this visa-shit. But I guess thats the chinese way to punish western people because of the Tibet protests. etc...? - They really do think in a diffent way here in China...

Hope for for coments for people whoeither knows about the curent rules(Where can I read more?) or people who has just been to HK for visa extention.



PLEASE HELP TO SPREAD THE BLOG - this "new regulations are destroying business on all sides !!

The Visa Man said...

Hi Jack,

- ticket should show that you are leaving CHINA should be okay - but there is no guarantee, that suddenly they will ask for real return flights to your home country
- showing the rental contract is maybe not a good idea - ask a chinese friend to issue a letter with your name, passport number etc + his complete address details and let him confirm that you are living at his place for the time of your stay. Have a good day.

Raisa Edison said...

Im Raisa Edison.
Im Indonesian, and I've been in China for 5 months
I have hold Residence Permit as student for 6 months and it will be expired at January 31 2009
At 25 August 2008 i came to China and study Chinese in college

I'd like to stay in China for travel around China while study by myself before enter university in China
Im going to study medicine at China Medical University in September 2009
I dont know yet what kind of visa i should take for 6 months 0r 10 months (because i will study medicine in china at September 2009 and i will not leave China because i need improve my chinese before enter that university)

Give me best advice

Thank You

Raisa Edison