Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mrs Fiona Mak from Tseung Kwan O plays the "racist card" in the SCMP today

A readers comment on page A12 today - here some parts of it:
"It is clear from letters by expatriates in these columns, about their demand for visa-free entry to the mainland, that there is a need for some kind of a test for future applicants for HK permanent residency, to ensure that they have some basic knowledge of residency status........Perhaps jobs which require frequent trips into and out of the mainland should be handled by personnel who have the right of free entry.
There is no reason why because of a small number of expatriates are vociferous, priority should be given to their personal issues........Foreign nationals who have acquired their permanent residency from arrangements which Hong Kong has adopted from the previous administration..........."

I probably have missed some of the letters Mrs Mak is referring to but I guess it is the topic that also "foreign passport holders" with perm HK ID card should get the right to receive the China home return card. And I agree that we should get this home return card by 100%.
We "small number of vociferous expatriates" already hire + pay personnel who have the right of free entry - means local HK staff.
Don't worry we are sending them often enough - but if you allow we sometimes should have the "right" to see what is going on in the factories on the mainland and to see with our "gweilo eyes" the quality of the products we have ordered and we have to pay for.

You maybe remember there have been some emails earlier to some members of the LEGCO. 1 answer by Hon Mrs. Rita Fan (president of LEGCO). Very much appreciated this answer.
No answer from Hon Mrs. Anson Chan, no answer from Hon Mrs. Sophie Leung (garment + manufacturing) and no answer from Hon Mr. Howard Young the legislator for the tourism section who was stating that this new measures are "understandable".


Anonymous said...

What thid Lady is saying is absolutely nonsense on the other hand I cannot imagine that expats will ever get a homecoming card since such a card would immediately qualify the owner to be a permanent resident in China, which to this moment China will never agree to. Homecoming cards are only issued to chinese and they are what it means, homecoming, expats are not homecoming to China.

Spike said...

I've written a letter to the editor of the SCMP expressing my outrage at their providing a forum for such ignorant, racist views. I would post the text of the letter here but in the past the SCMP has not run my letters if they were also posted online.

Note that a search of the SCMP website shows that this is not the first idiotic letter they've run by this person.

And note the racist nature of the SCMP itself, which today has a headline stating that "fury grows after police cleared in killing of black." "Black"???? I've asked in the same letter if they will soon be using words like paki or wog in their reporting.