Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nice ! Domestic fare increases ?

Hongkie Town: here's one you might not have known
Read this by Spike - "Olympics business" getting into FULL SWING ! What else to come......?
Today in the "Standard": Protest in front of the CNN in LA: A woman of "asian descent" waving a card-board: "No Chinese Negative News (No CNN)" ! Good point - but some of the negative news is created by whom ?
The visa problem must be "solved" in favour of the business people who really need to go back and forth: Start talking - this is 2008 - not 1975 !
For visitors to the OLYMPICS : they only need 1 CHINA VISA + a VISA CARD to spend MONEY - 1 or 2 entries and then they anyhow never will come again.

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