Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SCMP 23.04. - "Hundreds of complaints........."

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Anonymous said...

Foreign Office asks Beijing to clarify changes to visa rules
Albert Wong
Apr 23, 2008

Concerns about newly imposed restrictions on visas for travel to the mainland have been taken up at the diplomatic level, Britain's top representative in Hong Kong said yesterday. But so far, China had provided no answers, said Andrew Seaton.

Exasperation has been growing among foreign businesspeople and chambers of commerce at the restrictions and at the dearth of official information about them.

The British consul general, who said fostering business ties was one of his priorities, revealed that the Foreign Office had taken up the matter with mainland authorities.

"The British chamber, I know, has been very concerned about the real impact it has on the ability of their membership to pursue business in China ... We have also taken up the matter with Chinese authorities in Hong Kong, Beijing and indeed in London, to try to get as much clarification as we can on quite what the changes are," he said.

Business chambers have received hundreds of complaints about what appears to be a tightening of visa regulations in the lead-up to the Olympics. Businessmen who need to make frequent trips to the mainland have been the worst affected.

Travel agents have said they were notified on March 27 that no new multiple-entry visas would be issued until October. On April 1, when the Commissioner's Officer of the Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong took over issuing all visas, immigration officers at the border stopped issuing short-stay visas for Shenzhen.

Last week, the office confirmed that visa applicants must present return tickets and a hotel voucher to secure a tourist visa; business travellers need a "visa notification form".

Beijing denies there has been any change in visa policy. Travel agents link the changes to the Olympics.

Mr Seaton also said there would be no change in Britain's commitment to monitoring political development in Hong Kong, in keeping with the responsibilities arising from the Joint Declaration which preceded the 1997 handover to Chinese rule.

Anonymous said...

To Anon in post "List of 33 countries":

You are wrong: HK permanent ID card holders DO NOT get a multiply entry visa by producing visa application + copy + original HK ID card. My application exactly with this details was immediately refused yesterday. Yes I can get one but need the "Visa Notice Form" from the local somewhat office of the place I want to travel to. In my case Qingdao - so I have to go there first - apply this paper and then apply again a Visa + get a multiply for what ? For Shandong province .....? But if I need to go to Nannjing suddenly - what then ? This is "nonsense by 3". Very embarrassing feeling after so many years spending money in China and feeding the factories with orders. I feel bad !

Anonymous said...

Just want to add that the Hong kong visa office located in Wanchai, the security guards there, primarily the head of security, run the office like triads. If you disagree with them about any issue the security guard will abuse their rights and not let you go inside. This happened to a group of foreigners in Hong kong who were trying to get visas to China. The foreigners were asking for directions and the security guard said that this is not their duty to give them directions to the visa office at the border of China. Because the security guard was so unhelpful and rude, another foreigner began to give directions. But because the security guard was unhappy about another person helping, he asked the foreigners to leave and said that they cannot stand inside the visa office area to discuss this. So the foreigner asked the security guard "why not" and the security guard said "THIS IS CHINA". The head of security will tell you that you are in China and Hong Kong citizens do not have rights. Which is a true statement because after contacting the Hong Kong Ombudsman about this issue they replied saying it is out of their jurisdiction. If you do not believe this, you can contact the Hong kong Ombudsman yourself and they will tell you the same thing. This is just one example of the problems of human rights in China. You have no say whatsoever and you just have to listen to what the head of security says. If he asks you to throw out another foreigner you have to listen.

Now because the head of security at the visa office knew one of the foreigners were filming, he told this foreigner that he will allow him to do anything he wants as long as he erases the film on the camera. He was very nice when saying this. Isn't this true bribery saying that he will offer the foreigner favors for him to erase his yelling on the camera? Isn't this true corruption for any person working for the China government to offer favors in order to get his personal mess erased? You can ask the head of security at the HK China Visa office about rights and he will tell you that you are in China and you have to listen. He is absolutely is a poor example for any country, especially for China where human rights are constantly violated. And to further this more, where bribes and money are accepted to gain profits as seen in the milk scandal recently.

For all the foreigners who were involved in this case, you can leave your contact at . For the HK Ombudsman who are completely ignoring this issue or are completely helpless of rights, you can analayse yourself and contact elawcase(at)gmail(dot)com if they feel they wish to try to improve their human rights in Hong Kong.

To get to the Hong Kong China visa office or if you have any complaints about the China visa security guards:
7th Floor, Lower Block, China Resources Building,

No.26, Harbor Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong SAR ,