Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It is officially confirmed.....

...that China will not issue anymore multiply entry visas anymore. This "service" of issueing multiply entry visa maybe will resume in October this year. Further comments were not available.
Following steps already from here - but no replies until now (it would be naive to think to receive replies within 1 day - but even after more than 1 week NONE of this "Chambers" have replied - added 16.04.08):
Personal email to following "Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong:
- Belgium
- France
-Germany (this one bounced back immediately - maybe they should change the IT staff)
Other "personal" emails:
- German chancellor (received a meaningless "auto-answer")
- German foreign minister (similar "auto-answer")
- German Consul Mr Burbach in Hong Kong
- Mr Donald Tsangs office (ceo@ceo.gov.hk) - received following auto answer:
"This is to acknowledge receipt of your message. We shall reply to you, where appropriate, as soon as possible. (The above is generated by an auto-reply program)"

I very much hope that somehow somewhat we can change this situation - surely this is a little bit like "David vs. Goliath" - but I think China has to set some standards what they define as "travelers": When we need to go to China we are not travellers - we are working there + bringing business to our chinese partners, which is helping them to survive in a very hard and competitive field. A "traveller" is maybe some of our buyers or customers who come here 2 or 3 times a year and need maybe really only 1 - 2 entries to the mainland. They will not be very much hurt. But what about the "foreigners" being residents here in HK and going back & forth to China several days a week ?

Have a nice evening.

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